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Saturday, March 6, 2010

BIG CHANGES: New name, new blog, new look!

Hello Everyone! It's so great to be back! I took a break from designing and scrapping when my family moved 6000 miles across the country from Alberta back to our home province of Newfoundland. (A beautiful island on the most eastern part of Canada). With the stresses of the move, finding a place to live, and just getting "comfortable" with being back home again, I kinda lost my design mojo. After a little break and a lot of life changes, I decided that it was time for a name change and a fresh new style. So.... I would like to introduce you to INSPIRED DESIGNS BY CRYSTAL!
I still plan on offering some great wordart freebies and maybe even some little extra special gifts for you along the way. I'm still working out the kinks with my new blog, my new style and my new/old store. I hope that you will all continue to read my new blog, snag my freebies, and buy my products. I will have lots of new stuff for you soon!

For those of you who have been my faithful followers... sign up to be a follower on my new blog and you'll have the chance to win my newest kit LUCKY LUCKY ME. On March 31st i'll be randomly choosing 10 lucky followers to win that kit.

Become a fan of my new Facebook page and you can get a coupon for 25% off an order at my store. Details on the new blog.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

RETIRING SALE.... not me, just some of my stuff!

I'm having a huge sale this month at Pretty Scrappy!!!! I'm retiring over 65 of my kits, brag book albums, quick page albums, bookmark sets, as well as my christmas accessories. For the rest of this month, you can get each of the retiring items for only $1 each! Thats an amazing deal. I've changed my design style so much in the last year and I have lots of new ideas for the future, I have to make some room for the new.

If any of you are like me this year, i'm taking part in Project 365. For those of you who don't know what Project 365 is, well... it basically means that you take a picture for each day of 2010 and you scrap a page about it. You can either scrap a week at a time, a month at a time, or any combination you choose for your layouts. Lots of my retiring kits would be perfect for scrapping those Project 365 layouts too.

So... hurry on over to Pretty Scrappy and take advantage of this sale. Here's your last chance to get those Inspired Mommie Designs kits and such that you've had your eye on for only $1 each. This sale ends on January 31st and then all those items will be retired from my store!

Here is a little preview of the retiring kits. You'll have to check out my store to see what else is on sale.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

I'M BACK... almost...

Hi Everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was amazing! It's so good to be back home in Newfoundland. The kids are loving being back here with their families and being able to spend the holidays surrounded by them. We had a great Christmas at my parents house. On Christmas morning the kids were awake at 8 and we started opeing their stockings. Lots of awesome toys and goodies for them. Once the stockings were opened and out of the way, we attacked the presents. The kids had so much fun ripping open the presents and making a huge mess. LOL. The only sucky thing about it all was that my dad was working offshore so he missed the whole thing. We took lots of pics for him though. Hopefully i'll be able to get some of them posted here for you to see. We tried to spend as much time with family during the holidays as possible but it was hard having to drive 2 hours each way to get to most of them. Now that we are living here, we'll get to see them so much. It's awesome!

I love my mother so much but there is only so much of living with her that I could handle... LOL... so with that being said... we found a great house to rent and moved out last week. The kids are loving having their own bedrooms again. The house is a typical bungalow style with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, huge living/dining area/kitchen with real hardwood floors. In the basement level there is a huge playroom with hardwood floors for the kids (which is packed full of their toys and stuff) and lots of storage space. Gotta love the storage. I'll try and get some pics too for you to see soon. Once I get everything unpacked and organized it'll seem more and more like home. I miss my house in Airdrie though. But... this is great for us now. Maybe next year we'll work on getting a new house here.

I'm trying to get things in my store organized... I have so much to do to prepare for my new sale... check back Monday to see what's on sale.... IT's A BIG ONE!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

MIA for a while... plus WIN MY STORE and new wordart freebies!

Well... It's been a while! So much has happened the past few weeks... where to start. First, we were all sick in the Sweeney household for about 3 weeks. Just when it seemed that we were getting better, we would get hit with the flu again!

Then 2 weeks ago, my Hubby got laid off from his job that he's had for the last 5 years! THAT SUCKS!!! He's been looking for a new job but hasn't been able to find anything here. We've weighed all of our options and have come to the conclusion that we would pack everything up and head back home to Newfoundland. For those of you who arent familliar with Canadian geographical locations, Newfoundland is an Island on the East Coast of Canada. The population is about 508,000 people and it's one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. Newfoundland has the oldest city in North America, St. John's at over 500 years old. We were both born there and grew up there until we were in our early 20's when we both travelled the country. After being here in Calgary for 5 years, it's time to take the kids and bring them home to their families! I am so excited but nervous at the same time. It's gonna be great being home for Christmas!

We are scheduled to fly out of Calgary on Tuesday, December 8th. So, the past few days we've been trying to pack everything up and get things organized to put in storage. It's been so busy and so hard trying to pack 5 years of your life in a few suitcases to take home. Slowly but surely, i'll get it all done on time. LOL. I decided to have a last minute moving sale and was contacted by a single mom who is very low income. She wanted to take the things I had for free and wanted to buy somethings too. I was so moved by her story that I decided that I would give her everything! Sometimes it's better to give than to receive. At least now she'll have some things to help furnish her apartment and to give her kids a great Christmas.

So... due to the move, my internet access is going to be limited for the next few weeks at least. As soon as we get things straightened away and get moved into our own place I should be back up and running! In the meanwhile, here is a whole bunch of wordart freebies for you. This should help tie you over until my return. Enjoy!

Dream a little dream of me:
Dream until all your dreams come true:
The Earth laughs in flowers:
To sleep perchance to dream:

And... if you want to win a chance to WIN MY STORE, create a layout using any of todays freebie wordarts, post them in my gallery at Pretty Scrappy, and post the link to the layout in this post. When I get back on here in a few weeks, i'll choose one layout and the lucky scrapper will WIN MY STORE!!! I hope to see lots of entries when I come back.

I would also like to take this chance to thank you all for following Inspired Mommie Designs and for buying my products this past year. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Well... another Friday has come upon us again... TGIF!!! I'm still sick. I just wish this darn cold/flu whatever it is will just go away. I've been trying to create some new wordart and I wanted to start a new kit this week but I just can't get the gusto to get at it. Maybe tomorrow. LOL.

Here is another brag book page for you all. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download todays brag book page.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Gonna be a short one today... still sick. Not getting much better. Gonna rest today as long as the kids cooperate. Enjoy the freebie for today!

Click HERE to download todays freebie.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Good Morning All. Hope you're having a great day today. I was up before 6:30 again today after very little sleep last night. Aiden is still very congested and is finding it hard to sleep, so.... Like all you moms out there know, if the kids don't sleep, neither does Mom. LOL.

Today i'm working on some calendars that i'm giving my family for Christmas. I bought the most beautiful set from Shabby Princess that I just love. I "put them together" yesterday and now I have to add the pics today and send them for printing. If you're ever looking for a great place to have your scrapbook pages, pictures, etc printed, check out The prices are great and the quality is amazing. That's where i'm getting mine printed.

So...did you like the Brag Book Page from yesterday? Here is another one for ya. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download todays Brag Book Page freebie!

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