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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hi Everyone, I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. I got up bright and early today and cooked breakfast for the Hubby, kids, and my baby bro! He's staying with us for 3 weeks while he's taking a Journeymans course for his job. The kids are soooo excited to have their Uncle with them, as am I to have my brother here. Should be fun.

I changed the look of my blog again! I really love this look. It's from my THE ANGEL's GARDEN BLOGWEAR set. Hey, if you like it to , head on over to Pretty Scrappy today... IT's SUPER SATURDAY!!! I have lot's of great stuff on sale for both the Super Saturday Sale as well as evrything else in my store is up to 60% OFF! It's a great time to buy those items from Inspired Mommie Designs that you've wanted. Just remember, my sale is only on until Midningt tonight. So you better hurry!!! LOL.

Seeing that I haven't offered you any freebies for the past 2 days, here is a cute little wordart I created for a layout a good friend of mine is making for her daughter. I hope that you can use it too. What do you think of my new wordart freebie card? It was also created with my THE ANGEL's GARDEN kit. Hey, ya gotta coordinate! LOL.

Click HERE to download todays wordart freebie. And remember if you snag my stuff, leave a little love.

*** Does anyone want to win their very own BLOGWEAR SET? Well... if you do, post a comment telling me what you think of the new look and 2 lucky people will win my THE ANGEL's GARDEN BLOGWEAR SET!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's Wednesday Wordart at Pretty Scrappy today! Yay! Head on over to the Pretty Scrappy blog to grab todays freebie! Click to go to the blog.

I have decided that until the 28th at midnight, all of my products will remain on sale. All my kits are 50% off or $2.00 each! All wordart is 40% off or $1.50 each! All quick page albums and birth announcements are 50% off or $2.00 each! And everything else is on sale too! This is a great time to stock up on those INSPIRED MOMMIE DESIGNS products that you've wanted. Sale ends at midnight on February 28th!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi All, Hope everyone is having a good morning. I woke up to SNOW today! I am so excited. Aiden got a new snowsuit from his Nanny and Poppa for Christmas and I haven't had a chance to get him outside to wear it. When we had the last snowfall, he was sick and couldn't go outso, today when the Hubby gets home from work, we're gonna bundle up the kids and hit the snow. It should be "snow" much fun. HaHaHa! SNOW much fun! Silly me! Last night I was playing around with my kit THE ANGEL'sGARDEN and created a cute set of quick pages to sell in my store. I really like how they turned out. The dark colors give the pages a masculine feel but the pretty flowers soften the pages and make it more feminine. These pages can be used for so many different types of layouts. Head on over to my store and pick them up for only $2.00 until the end of the week! Click HERE to go to my store. Check out the preview.

Here is a new wordart freebie for you all to enjoy. I just loved this quote when I read it yesterday. I hope that you can use it too.
Click HERE to download todays freebie.

Monday, February 23, 2009

BIG SALE ON MY STORE AT PRETTY SCRAPPY: Plus, the last Freebie QP from Sweet Baby Of Mine!

Happy Monday Morning!!! I haope that evryone had an awesome weekend... I know I did. On Saturday, we took the kids for a drive to a nearby town called Cochrane. As you leave Airdrie, and head west, you get closer and closer to the Rocky Mountains. The closer you get the more awesome the views are. The mountains looked so beautiful all covered in snow. It was the perfect picture opportunity, and guess what, I forgot the camera! We're going out there again on Saturday morning so i'll be sure to take the camera and get you some pics. We went to Tim Horton's for a coffee and a breakfast sandwich. YUMMY! For those of you not familiar with Tim Horton's, they have the best coffee and donuts, not to mentin the breakfast sandwich! It has a crumbly, soft, biscuity, bready type bun, an egg, and a sausage round with a slice of Canadian cheddar! All this is served toasted and warm. YUM. If you had one, you'd understand my culinary excitement. LOL. Anyhoo... we did a little shopping and I have to go back next weekend to get the cutest baby doll for Emma's Birthday! She''ll be 3 in May and i'm starting to pick up her presents early this year. Last year we went a little overboard with the presents but this year she's only getting a few presents, with the economic downturn the way it is, who can afford such extravagant birthdays? Not me. She'll just be happy to have a party and have her friends here. I'm sure she won't notice if she's gotten less than last year.

On Sunday, I had some quiet time to design while the kids were napping. I created another BLOGWEAR pack. This one was created using my kit THE ANGEL's GARDEN. I really like how this set turned out. Especially the photo banner. It's so cute. Check out the preview below. And it's on sale now for only $2.50!

I have decided that until the 28th at midnight, all of my products will remain on sale. All my kits are 50% off or $2.00 each! All wordart is 40% off or $1.50 each! All quick page albums and birth announcements are 50% off or $2.00 each! And everything else is on sale too! This is a great time to stock up on those INSPIRED MOMMIE DESIGNS products that you've wanted. Sale ends at midnight on February 28th!

So... onto todays freebie! Here is the last quick page freebie from my kit SWEET BABY OF MINE! And don't forget if you haven't bought this versatile baby themed kit, it's on sale now for only $2.oo!

Click HERE to download freebie! And remember, if you snag my stuff, leave a little love!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

MY FIRST BLOGWEAR: Plus, It's Super Saturday at Pretty Scrappy!

I guess you all notice the snazzy new blog banner and background I have now... I MADE IT! It's my first BLOGWEAR SET that you can now buy at Pretty Scrappy! My new blogwear set contains everything you need to create an awesome looking blog! Using elements and papers from my unreleased kit INSPIRED BY LIFE AND LOVE. Included in this set : 3 photo banners (created at 965x400 pixels @ 72 PPI) 3 background papers (created at 12x12 inches @ 300 PPI) 4 sidebar button graphics (created at 150x100 pixels @ 72 PPI). It also includes instructions for Blogger.

Do you like it? I love it. I know I just re-did my blog a few weeks ago but hey, what's being a designer if you don't try something new. LOL. I also re-did my CT Blog too with the same background but a different header/banner. Click HERE to see it. And while you're there, check out the awesome layouts created by my CT.

My new blogwear set is on sale at Pretty Scrappy right now for only $2.25. Click HERE to go to my store.

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Be sure to use coupon code IMDPAYS10% at checkout. You must use the coupon code for the discount to be applied!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Good Morning All. Hope you are having a great day so far. Mine isn't so good.... just when we thought we were getting better, we're all sick again! It must be a stomach bug because food poisoning doesn't last that long! Poor babies are so miserable. Aiden just wants to cuddle and everything makes him cry. Emma isn't as bad though. She is staying pretty quiet and watching her "shows". Good girl she is.

When both of my kids were born, I was the first one to put a suckie, pacifier, binkie, or whatever you call it, in their little mouths. It stopped the crying and helped them sleep. BIG MISTAKE!!! Emma will be 3 years old in May and she still uses her suckie. She is definately too big for one now because she keeps biting holes in them and then when she bites a hole in hers, she moves onto Aiden's. I have spent about $25 in the past month on suckies. Finally last night I said to the Hubby that the madness had to stop! Very dramatic I know LOL. I told Emma that the next time she bit her suckie I was taking it from her. She laughed because i've made this threat before and never followed through. Well as I was putting her to bed, she bit the suckie! I took it out of her mouth and tried to explain to a screaming almost 3 year old that she was gooing to have to go to sleep without it. She cried herself asleep. Gosh did I ever feel like the horrible Mother. But the good news is, SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT WITHOUT HER SUCKIE!!!!!! The first time since she was born that she didn't sleep with it. I was so proud and told her so this morning. She is still sick so I let her have it when she asked for it this morning but she's just playing with it mostly. Every now and then she puts it in her mouth for a suck and then she spits it out again. When she goes down for her nap today, no suckie either! I'll keep you posted as to OPERATION SUCKIE REMOVAL! LOL.

Anyhoo... enough of my ramblings. I still have a few more quick pages from my baby kit SWEET BABY OF MINE for you. Here is todays freebie. Tell you what.... if you use this or any of the SWEET BABY OF MINE quick pages, send me a message with a copy of your layout and i'll send you a coupon for $1.00 off the kit. Sound good? Be sure to send your layouts to: Don't forget to post your layouts in my Inspiration Gallery at Pretty Scrappy. Click HERE to go to my gallery.

Click HERE to download todays freebie!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hi All. Hope you are all having a great morning. Mine is better today than yesterday. We are still all sick but at least today i'm up and about and not confined to the couch! LOL. I had an email today asking me how Aiden was doing sleeping in his new bed... WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for asking! He only woke up once last night and once the night before. He loves the big bed because he can move around and not hit his little arms and legs off the walls. He looks sooooooo small in that great big bed though. But so cute too.

So I guess you're wondering what this Wednesday Wordart thing is all about? Well... every Wednesday I will be posting a new wordart on the Pretty Scrappy Blog. I'll post a preview here on my blog but to get the download, you have to go to the Pretty Scrappy Blog. Make sure that you check the blog everyday too because there are going to some awesome "things" for you by all of our designers. Well... Onto the wordart.

So... to get this awesome new wordart, click to go to the blog! If you download the wordart, create a layout and post it in my Inspired Mommie Designs Inspirational Gallery at Pretty Scrappy. As a little bonus, if you also use one of my kits to create your layout, send me a copy to and i'll send you a coupon for $2.00 off any single order in my store! Yay!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today post is going to be a quick one... I'm sick, Emma is sick, Aiden is sick and now, so is the DOG!!! I don't know if it's a bad stomach bug or it may be a case of food poisoning!!! All I know is that we are all really yucky today. I'm going to cuddle with my babies on the couch under a big comfy blanket and watch cartoons!

I created a few QP's to coordinate with my kit SWEET BABY OF MINE. Here is a cutie for you all. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download QP Freebie! And remember, I take time to create these for you, please take the time to say Thanks!

Monday, February 16, 2009

LOVE: Another new kit-AIDEN

I hope that you all had a great Valentine's Day and that you were all spoiled rotten! I know I was. I was awoken to breakfast in bed, which the kids spilled all over my new comforter! LOL. Never try to eat breakfast in bed with a hyper 18 month old! We then went into Calgary and bought Aiden a new double bed! He is tooooooo big for his toddler bed so we had to get him a big bed. I also stopped to Walmart and got him a new bed-in-a-bag. I didn't want to get him anything childish that he would grow out of too soon so I got him blue, red, and cream stripes. I have some adorable pictures that I created out of my new kit called AIDEN, which i'll be showing you later that I am going to put on his walls. I figured that the accents would make up for the "older" comforter set. After we assembled the bed and got everything washed, dried and placed on the bed, we let the kids come up and jump on the bed. They had alot of fun. By this time it was supper and the Hubby had made me a wonderful pizza with caesar salad. It was YUMMY! After the kids were put to bed, we sat down and had some us time. We had a few glasses of wine and talked for hours. It was wonderful. We don't get much alone time so it was very much enjoyed. Oh yeah... I didn't tell you what I got for Valentine's Day. I got a new Bed-In-A-Bag for my bedroom. It is beautiful. I'll try and take some pics for you later. I got 2 bottles of wine and chocolates, bath stuff (bubble bath, soap, salts, scrubbies and loofas, towel set) and I also got a new breadmaker, toaster oven and a deep fryer! The kitchen appliances were badly needed, not romantic, but the wine, chocolate and bath stuff made for a wonderful night!

I also had some time this week to create a new kit called AIDEN! Knowing that I wanted to used Red and Blue in his bedroom, I had a great idea for accessories to use in his room. Hence, the creation of AIDEN. Check out the preview.
I just love the way this kit turned out! I created some really cute wall blocks in this kit. They are 8x8 inches so they are the perfect print at home size. They can also be resized with ease. Click HERE to go to my store at Pretty Scrappy to buy this great kit. It's on sale now for $3.00!
So... onto todays wordart freebie!

Click HERE to download todays freebie!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

SWEET BABY OF MINE- My New Kit and a freebie QP!

I am happy to present to you my new kit, SWEET BABY OF MINE! It's a beautiful baby kit packed full of pretty pastels in shades of green, blue, pink, and peach. This kit is very versatile for scrapping any type of layout, not just baby ones. The elements included in SWEET BABY OF MINE are soft and elegant but not too girly. I really think that kit is fast to become your favorite.

Included in this kit: (Most elements are in colored in all 4 shades of green, blue, pink, and peach)
20 textured and patterned papers, 4 solid papers, 4 jewel strings, 4 journal tags, 4 lace strips, 4 long checkered bows, 4 long checkered ribbons, 4 scalloped frames, 4 stacked frames, 4 tied checkered ribbons, 4 twisted ric rac, 4 eyelet ribbons, 4 floral clusters, 4 soft flowers, 4 jewelled flowers, 4 glitter swirls, 4 handprints, 4 two layered bows, 4 buckles, 4 buttons, 4 checkered bows, 4 curled ribbons with charms, 4 checkered eyelet bows, 4 stitched mats, 3 diamond frames, 2 outfit doodles, 2 rattle doodles, 2 stroller doodles, 2 angel doodles, 2 bib doodles, 2 bird doodles, 2 bonnet doodles, 2 bottle doodles, 2 sets of stitches, 1 sheep doodle, 1 giraffe doodle, 1 baby boy banner, 1 baby girl banner, 1 clip, 1 button stitch, 1 journal tag string, 1 paperclip, 1 staple, and 1 embroidered frame. It's a such a big kit, it's actually 4 kits in one! Check out the preview.

Click HERE to go to my Pretty Scrappy store to buy this one.

I've also created 2 sets of QP's from SWEET BABY OF MINE. One for a boy and the other for a girl. Just add your own pictures to create a beautiful layout. Included are 5 ready to use PNG quick pages. 12x12 inches and created at 300 PPI. Check out the previews.

When a child is born it is such a special occassion. This beautiful set of birth announcements are the perfect way to introduce your special gift to the world. This set includes 6 announcement cards, in both PNG and PSD format. All cards are 4x6 inches and 300 PPI. Just add you own pictures and the baby's birth info to complete your card. Check out the previews.

My wonderful Creative Team has created a few layouts using SWEET BABY OF MINE. Check them out!



And as a little bonus, i've created this Quick Page Freebie for you all! Yay!

Click HERE to download the freebie QP! And remember, if you snag my work, leave me a little love!


Well... it's only 2 more days until Valentines Day! Do you have all you goodies yet? I'm going out today and buying some for the kids and a little something special for the Hubby too. We usually don't buy much for ourselves for Valentines Day but this year we decided to do something romantic for each other. It's always so hard to find something for the Hubby. Not that he's hard to buy for, it's just that he's a man and all men are hard to buy romantic things for. Any suggestions? I told the Hubby that I wanted bath stuff. I have a new BIG soaker tub so bath stuff would be great for those late night bubble baths.

Here is todays love themed wordart. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download todays file.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I don't know what happened yesterday.... I had my post all set up to pre-publish but for some reason, it didn't. So sorry about the mix-up. Here is yesterdays freebie for you all. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download. And remember, if you download my freebie, leave a little love!

I also wanted to remind you all about my PLAY WITH WORDS CHALLENGE at Pretty Scrappy. All you have to do is download my wordart and create a layout with it. Then post the layout in the PLAY WITH WORDS section of the gallery. You get points for completing the challenge that can later be redeemed in the Pretty Scrappy store! Click HERE to go to the challenge.

Also... who wants to win a free copy of my kit ALWAYS AND FOREVER? If you do, head on over to the Pretty Scrappy forum and leave me a little note about love! On Valentines Day, February 14th, I will randomly choose someone to win! Click HERE to go to the RAK section of the forum to enter.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Good Morning! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was very lazy. We didn't do anything, just stayed home and had some family time. We watched a few movies. The first was THE OMEN... great movie!!! I love these horror type flicks and this was a good one. We then watched YOU, ME, & DUPREE... hilarious! I love Owen Wilson. Then after the kids went to bed Saturday night, the Hubby and I sat down on the couch, snuggled and watched THE STEPFORD WIVES... good movie, not great, but good. The best part of the whole thing was that we actually got to watch the whole movie without any interruption from the kids! That was a first. So... if all goes well next Saturday night, we're gonna try it again. This time we are going to have a few snacks and maybe a glass of wine. We are always sooo busy with the kids that we never have any US time. It should be nice and definately well deserved.

So... onto todays wordart freebie. I think this one is a perfect match to my Hubby and I. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I had a horrible night last night! Aiden wouldn't sleep AGAIN!!! This boy is 18 months old today and is still not sleeping through the night. He has a few good nights when i'm only up with him a few times, and then there's nights like last night. TORTURE! I'm going on about 2 hours sleep for the whole night so i'm pretty tired and cranky today. LOL. I'm afraid that if I sit down and get comfy i'll fall asleep. I'm about to have a strong cup of coffee to see if that'll perk me up a bit.

Make sure you go over to Pretty Scrappy tomorrow for SUPER SATURDAY!!! Lots of goodies for a great price. I may even have a few surprises, hint, hint!

So... here is todays wordart freebie. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download todays freebie. Be sure to leave a little love if you grab my stuff! LOL.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hi all... This is going to be a quick post today. I have errands to run today so i'm going to be gone this morning. I was on my way out the door and remembered that I didn't have your freebie set up yet. so...Here is a cute little wordart for you all today! Enjoy!

Click HERE to download file.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was really busy yesterday! I now have 11 new wordart packs in my store at Pretty Scrappy! Check out the preview below. I combined alot of the old wordart from my blog and made these awesome packs for you all to buy. Some have as many as 14 wordart in a pack. That's a pretty good deal. I still have a few more totally new packs in the works too. Kepp a look out for them soon. I also added a new pack of Valentine Flairs to the store. It includes 6 cute flairs and 3 photo flairs with cutouts to stick in your favorite cuties photo. They are only $2.00 in my store today. Check out that preview too.

So... here is todays wordart freebie for you all. Enjoy! And don't forget, if you snag my freebie, leave a little love.
Click HERE to download file.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have decided to change the way that I give my freebies. Well... not the way but for the duration of the freebies being posted on my blog. From today onwards, freebies will only be offered for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, the first weeks wordart will go into my store, then the next and so on. You will always have 2 weeks to grab the freebies before they are put into my store. This way, I will be giving you a different them every week. If anyone has any suggestions on themes for wordart or quotes that they would like to see here as a wordart, post it in the comments section of each post and i'll see what I can create. So... with that said, here is todays freebie! I am going to continue with the LOVE them right up until Valentines Day!

Click HERE to download todays freebie.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Happy Groundhog Day. LOL... I hope you all had a great weekend. Yesterday the hubby, myself, and the 2 kidlets took a nice, long drive! It was so relaxing just to be on the open road without a care. Really made our day! I came home and made lunch for the family and then hit the computer for some well deserved design time. I am trying to get some new wordart done for the blog as well as some new wordart to sell in my stores. So, keeep an eye open and you'll soon see some new wordart in my stores!


I am hosting the PLAY WITH WORDS CHALLENGE at Pretty Scrappy again this month! It's really simple, for those of you who haven't played yet.... I give you an awesome wordart for FREE, you create a layout using that wordart and post it in the PLAY WITH WORDS Gallery at Pretty Scrappy, and you win points that can be later redeemed at Pretty Scrappy- same as cash!

Each challenge is worth 50 points (cents).If you complete all of the monthly challenges you will get a bonus of 75 points. (The CU Challenge is not included in the bonus) You will receive a coupon to the Pretty Scrappy store at the end of the month (if your total is more than 300 points) or when you reach 300 points (rolled over from month to month).

So... here is your wordart for this months challenge. Click HERE to go to Pretty Scrappy and download the wordart. *** If you download the wordart, please create a layout for the challenge.

I am not giving away a freebie today... if you want one, click the link above and take part in this awesome challenge. Also make sure you check out the new Collab Kit called LOVE AND KISSES! It's a great kit! And, if you haven't bought my kit ALWAYS AND FOREVER yet, you should hurry on over to my store and grab it while you can... It's still on sale for $2.50! Click HERE to go to my store.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


It's time for LOVES AND KISSES! It's the new love themed collab kit from the talented designers at Pretty Scrappy! This kit is jammed packed with lots of passionate elements and papers all about love. It's the perfect kit to scrap your Vlentine's Day layouts but versatile enough to be used for soooo many other projects. Head on over to Pretty Scrappy to buy your kit today! Click HERE to go to Pretty Scrappy.

Be sure to jump on this months BLOG TRAIN to grab your freebie Brag Book Pages. They are the perfect accompaniment to the new LOVES AND KISSES kit! Here's my freebie! And remember, if you snag todays freebie, leave a little LOVE!!!

Click HERE to download freebie! And don't forget to jump on the train and grab the rest of your goodies!

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