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Monday, August 31, 2009

AUTUM GLORY: New Kit, plus last day of my 50% OFF SALE

Hi all. Hope you had an awesome weekend! Mine was great. We took the kids to the Lake yesterday. It was so much fun. I tried to get some pics of us all but the batteries were almost gone in my camera and when I was able to snap some pics, the kids were always looking anywhere but at the camera. LOL. We also went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the Hubby bought me the H2O Mop. AWESOME!!! You wouldn't believe how much dirt came off my "clean" floor. It was disgusting to think that thats what we've be walking on and the kids have been playing on. YUCK!!!

Well... I've finished my new kit AUTUM GLORY and it's now for sale in my store at Pretty Scrappy! Yay! I just love this kit and I hope that you do too.

Click HERE to be redirected to my Pretty Scrappy Store. And don't forget that until midnight tonight you can get it for 50% OFF. Check it out below.

AUTUMN GLORY: Can you feel it? That crispness that's starting to invade the air. You know what that means... Autumn is just around the corner! I love Autumn. It has to be my favorite season. I love the way that the leaves start to turn color and the flowers start to fade. AUTUM GLORY is just the perfect kit for scrapping those early Autumn themed layouts.

Included in this kit:
10 textured, patterned, and solid papers,
3 bows,
1 branch,
4 buttons,
2 clipped flowers,
6 flowers,
2 leafs,
2 ribbon flowers,
2 frames,
2 ribbon hearts,
1 key,
1 mesh,
2 ribbons,
1 ribbon wrap,
3 ric rac,
2 staples,
1 set of stitches,
1 swirl,
1 tag,
1 tag string,
1 wire flower,
1 wire with flowers.

Here are a few layouts created by my Creative team. I've got a few of my Quick Pages mixed in there too. You'll see those in the store a little bit later in the week. Aren't these awesome!

And don't forget that today is the last day of my 50% OFF SALE at Pretty Scrappy! Hurry on over to my store and snag those last minute Inspired Mommie Designs products that you've been itching to buy! LOL. Sale ends at mignight tonight.

So... here is todays wordart freebie. I know I said that you would get the BACK TO SCHOOL Series today, but, i've had several requests for more Grandparent wordart. I still have a few more of these. LOL. Enjoy.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

50% OFF SALE: Inspired Mommie Designs at Pretty Scrappy

Hi Everyone! I'M HAVING A 50% OFF SALE!!!!! Everything in my store at Pretty Scrappy is on sale until Midnight, August 31st! You better hurry on over to my store and take advantage of this amazing sale. Click HERE to be redirected to my store or, click on the Pretty Scrappy icon on the right hand side of my blog.

All kits on sale for $2.00
All wordart on sale for $1.25
All brag book albums on sale for $1.50
All quick page albums on sale for $1.50
All bookmark sets on sale for $1.00
Plus... lots more. All on sale for 50% OFF!

Here is todays wordart freebie. This was supposed to be the last in my Grandparents Series but I received a request last night from Mary-Elizabeth and she really wanted another quote. You'll get this one on Monday and on Tuesday I'll be starting a BACK TO SCHOOL Theme. I have a few cute wordarts that are perfect for scrapping on your school themed layouts. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download todays freebie.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hello. After the Hubby got home from work yesterday, I had to go to the grocery store to get fruit, yogurt, and milk. The Hubby thought it would be a good idea to take the kids and get out of the house for a while. We bought the groceries and then we went to the Dollaramma. I just love that place. I wanted to get some new buckles for Emma and ended up spending almost $60 there! Way over my planned on $2-3 budget! LOL. I bought the kids a new ball each, a new play hat each, a book each, a Recorder/whistle/flute thingy each, etc.... The list goes on. So, ever since 6:30 this morning, I've been listening to high pitched whistles. Ouch, my head! But at least they're happy. Emma wanted to take hers to bed last night too. So cute.

I'm feeling a little better today. Not fully recovered yet but definitely on the way. I am working on a new kit today too. I finished up a beautiful Autumn themed kit that I'll be releasing on Monday. Can't wait for that one. It's named AUTUMN GLORY. It's one of my favorites. If you check back here on Monday, I'll have a little freebie to go with the kit for you all. Yay! I plan on doing 4 Autumn themed kits that you can mix and match. They are looking awesome, if I do say so myself.

So... without further interruption, here is today's wordart freebie. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi All. I'm still sick. This cold just seems to be getting worse and worse. The poor kids are so miserable too. Poor little things. Yesterday while the kids napped, I took a nap too. I was so tired. I got to sleep for about an hour when Emma came over to my room and woke me up. It was great to get that rest but I surely needed more. After the Hubby came home, I went upstairs and lid in bed for about an hour but I couldn't sleep. By the time bedtime came I was exhausted. I fell asleep right away and thankfully, Aiden slept until almost 4AM so I got some good quality rest. He woke up again at 6:30 and I got him back to sleep until almost 8:30! THANKS AIDEN!

Here is todays wordart freebie. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I AM SOOOO SICK!!! I have an awful cold and so does the kids. Not good when we're sick at the same time. I'm trying to take it easy today, get some rest, and some cuddle time with the babies. I hope this is a quick cold. Last cold I had lasted 3 weeks. As yucky as I feel, I just had to post this freebie for you all. Enjoy.

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Monday, August 24, 2009


Happy Monday Morning! Hope you all had a great weekend. I won't bore you too much with the mundane details of mine today. We just had a relaxing weekend with the kidlets. Quiet and cozy. I had some time to design which was great. Got some new wordart done. And, I finished a new kit too! Yay for me. I'm in the quality control phase of the new kit so hopefully I'll get it released soon.

Anyhoo... her is todays wordart freebie. Enjoy!

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Friday, August 21, 2009


Today's post is gonna be a quickie. Lots to do today. Didn't get much sleep last night so I don't know how much I'll actually accomplish. Aiden slept really well last night. He only woke up once at 4:30 but Emma... well she was up from 1:30 until almost 5 AM. I am tired! Anyhoo... here is todays wordart. Enjoy. Oh yeah.... TGIF!!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi All! Hope you're having a wonderful day! I woke up this morning, got the kids breakfast, did a little cleaning and am now trying to catch up on some email and some blogging. It's a beautiful day here in Alberta and hopefully after the Hubby gets home from work, we can take the kids swimming.

Yesterday we went to the opening of the new CrossIron Mills Mega Mall! Boy was it ever huge! It's the 2nd biggest mall in all of Alberta and it's packed full of lots of yummy high fashion stores. I can't wait to get my fall wardrobe there. For those of you who know me, you know that i'm a purse hound! It's my one fashion addiction. I've been known to drop entire paychecks (before marriage and kids) on a new purse with matching wallet! Well... I saw the mother ship calling me home yesterday! LOL. There is a Nine West store in CrossIron Mills. I just love their purses. I saw one I wanted yesterday too for only $229! i checked online to see if I could find a picture to show you but no luck. It's beautiful in brown leather and silver detailing. YUM! LOL. If you saw my purse collection, you would understand my obsession. I have always said that if I ever come into money, I would spend a whole week at Louis Vuitton buying purses. I'd have one for every day of the month! LOL.

As you know, I released my new kit FROM THIS MOMENT yesterday. Well, I wanted to make some layouts for my cousin Chris and his new wife Stephanie. They got married in The Dominican Republic a few months ago. I created the layouts 8x10 so they can be easily printed and framed. If you look closely, you'll see that they match the Brag Book Album for this kit too!

Here is todays wordart freebie! I thought this one was so cute. It should help with some awesome Grandpa layouts!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FROM THIS MOMENT: My new Kit and Brag Book Album

I have a new kit in my Pretty Scrappy store today. It's named FROM THIS MOMENT. One of the most important days in a woman's life is her Wedding Day. She wants everything to be just perfect as she takes that walk down the aisle on her special day. From the dress to the flowers, the cake and the groom, this kit has everything you need to bring the memories of that special day to life. FROM THIS MOMENT is perfect for scrapping all aspects of any type of wedding. From traditional to modern to even a bit eclectic.
Included in this kit:

12 textured and patterned papers,
2 bows,
1 brides shoes,
2 buttons,
1 silvertone crown,
2 curled ribbon,
1 diamond frame,
1 diamond heart,
1 feather,
2 flowers,
2 roses,
3 frames,
1 diamond gemstone,
1 glitter heart,
1 ribbon wrap,
1 groom's tux,
1 wedding cake,
1 wedding dress,
1 glitter star cluster,
1 glitter swirl,
1 glitter with roses,
1 set of gloves,
1 grooms shoes,
1 key,
1 knotted ribbon,
1 ladder,
4 sets of leaves,
1 pearl necklace,
1 photo corner,
1 photo prong,
1 rope,
3 staples,
1 string with hearts,
1 heart string,
1 set of wedding rings.
It's on sale right now for 25% OFF too! Yay! Hurry on over to Pretty Scrappy and grab this kit today!
I've also created a set of Brag Book Pages to correspond with the kit. They're created at 4X6 inches and are all 300 PPI. They can also be easily resized to meet your own printing needs. Check out the preview below. The set is also on sale for 25% OFF!
Click HERE to be redirected to my Pretty Scrappy Store.

As a little bonus to my loyal blog readers, here is a coupon for an additional 25% Off the kit! That means with the already discounted price, you can get the kit for half price! AWESOME DEAL!!! Be sure to use the coupon code at the time of checkout to get the additional 25% off. *** Coupon expires midnight on August 31st, 2009***


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Good Morning All! Hope you slept well last night. I did, thankfully. Aiden only woke up once last night at almost 4AM but he went right back to sleep right away. Emma decided that at 2:30 she was getting in bed with us. She is so squirmy and she kicks alot too. Finally she settled down and slep until almost 7:30 so I actually got a bit of rest. Yay for me! Yesterday I finished up mu house cleaning and got half of the laundry done. I'll finish the rest while the kids are napping today. When the Hubby gets home from work, we're going out to get some top ups on the groceries. Milk, cheese, yougurt, etc... And more than likely, we'll end up having coffee too. YUMMY!

I hope that you all got to download the wordart from yesterday. I had gotten quite a few emails this week asking about that one. For todays freebie, I have the Grandmother's version. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download todays freebie. And remember, if you snag my stuff, leave me a little love! Thanks!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lets try this again...

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was good. The Hubby took Thursday off from work so we spent the day shopping in the city. I finally got to go to the bookstore and get the rest of my books. I got the whole Vampire Diaries/Secret Circle Series. Plus I got book two of the Dark Powers Series. I read that one by Friday night. Then I went online from the Chapters/Indigo website and reserved my copy of book 3. It doesn't come out until April 2010. Can't wait for that one. I also ordered The Time Travellers Wife and the whole Sookie Stackhouse series too. Can't wait to get those. I watch True Blood on HBO every week and love it!!! Then I read the conclusion of the Vampire Diaries. I finished that one about 2 AM last night. I gotta start getting some sleep though instead of being up reading all night. It's starting to catch up on me. LOL.

Saturday, we went back into the city again and did some more shopping at the home improvement store. We have a few "dings" in our drywall from the kids and their toys. We bought a bucket of plaster, a trowel, plaster/drywall tape and some touch-up paint for the walls. The Hubby plastered and sanded the walls Saturday night after the kids went to bed and then painted it on Sunday while they napped. It looks really good. Today though I've gotta wash the walls down. Too many fingerprints fom the kids in some places. While the Hubby was doing his work, I decided it would be a good time for me to clean the kitchen. I washed all the cabinets, the counters, the stove, the microwave and all the countertop appliances ie: toaster, food processor, coffee maker, kettle, convection/toaster oven and slow cooker. It looks good!

Lets try this again... I hope that this whole Mediafire thing has been straightened out. I still can't believe that someone would maliciously delete all of my wordart files! Not good! I'll continue with the Grandparent themed wordart this week. I am posting the Grandfather one from last week for those of you who want it. I hope you like it.

Click HERE to download todays freebie!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi All, there isn't going to be any freebie today. My MediaFire account has been hacked and all of my download links have been either deleted or corupted in some way. Until I figure out what's going on, there will be no new freebies. I'll let you know when everything is fixed and will continue with the Grandparent themed wordart.

Monday, August 10, 2009

WINNERS OF THE AIDENs BIRTHDAY COMBO PACK, plus a new wordart freebie!

Happy Monday Morning! Hope you all had an awesome weekend. We had a quiet weekend at home. The weather was kinda sucky all weekend so we thought it would be a great weekend to get some chores done. I cleaned the 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms upstairs, plus did all the laundry. The Hubby cleaned the carpets with the carpet shampooer and it smells wonderful now. For those of you who have dogs, you definitely know how that Dog smell sticks to the carpet. Now ours smells sooo good. We have a baby gate at the button of our stairs so the kids can't get up there unsupervised, this also helps with keeping the dog off the 2nd level too. I can deal with the main level full of dog, but not upstairs where I bathe and sleep. For those of you who know me, you know how much of a clean freak I am! I am constantly going around with the duster, vacuum, and my little cleaning basket full of goodies. With a dog, cat, 2 messy kids, and a Husband there's always so much to clean. LOL.

Once that was all done, we decided that we would go rent a few movies. For the kids, we got Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Emma just loves movies with dogs. I have been dying to see The Chronicle of Narnia: Prince Caspian so I got that one. It was awesome! I just love those movies. I have The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe on DVD so now i'll have to get this one too. While I was at the movie/bookstore, I wanted to get the second book of The Vampire Diaries but they were sold out so I got a good book named The Summoning! It was awesome. I bought it on Saturday and finished reading it at 1AM last night. I couldn't put it down. It was so well written and very suspenseful. I've gotta get the 2nd in that series too this week!

And don't forget that i'm having a huge sale right now at Pretty Scrappy! 40% OFF until midnight on August 14th!

So... enough about me. I've chosen the winners of the AIDENs BIRTHDY COMBO PACK! Yay! Well, Emma chose them last night. The first winner was taken from the Pretty Scrappy Blog! Congrats Cyndi! Please PM me in the Pretty Scrappy Forum and i'll get you your coupon for the free combo pack. The next 2 winners were chosen from my blog. Congrats to Dana Lynne and The Humpherys Family! Send me a PM at the Pretty Scrappy forum and i'll send you your coupons too. Congrats to all!

So... onto todays wordart freebie! As promised, this week is all about the wonder of Grandparents! Enjoy!

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Friday, August 7, 2009


TGIF!!! I hope that you all had a great week and I hope you all have a great weekend. And what a better way to spend your weekend than shopping at Pretty Scrappy! We're having a storewide 40% OFF SALE! This is a great time to stock up on some of my new kits and wordart packs.

You can get all of my kits for only $2.40!
All wordart packs for only $1.50!
All quick page albums for only $1.80!
All brag book albums for only $1.80!
All bookmark sets for only $1.20

Here are some pics from Aiden's Birthday. Don't you just love his birthday party hat! So cute! The frames are from my kit AIDENs BIRTHDAY. Don't forget to post your favorite Birthday memory for your chance to win the kit. 3 winners will be chosen by random and announced on Monday!

So... onto the last wordart in my summer themed series. I hope you liked these as much as I did. Make sure you come back next week for my next 2 week series all about Grandparents.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDEN! I can't believe that my little guy is 2 years old today! Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was in the hospital and holding him in my arms for the first time. Now... he's so fast when he's running around, I can barely catch him. LOL. After the Hubby gets home from work today, I have to go to the store and pick up his birthday cake. While the kids are napping, i'm going to get the decorations up so they'll be surprised when they wake up. We aren't having a prty for him today, but next weekend we're having a pool party with all of Aiden's little buddies. It should be so much fun.

To help celebrate, who wants to win the whole AIDENs BIRTHDAY COMBO PACK? All you have to do is post your favorite birthday memory , along with your name in the comment section of this post and on Monday, i'll announce 3 winners! Yay!

So.... onto todays wordart freebie. I'm almost finished the whole summer themed series. One more for tomorrw. Then on Monday, I think i'll have some grandparent(s) goodies for you all. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

THE KIT WITH NO NAME Plus a new wordart freebie!

I've got a new kit in my Pretty Scrappy Store today! Usually when I start to create a new kit, I have everything planned out before I start. I know the color palette, what elements and papers I will create, and also the name. Well.. this time, I couldn't think of a name that would match this kit! So, I decided that this kit would be known as THE KIT WITH NO NAME! Despite the fact that it's nameless, this kit is packed full of both soft and bright pinks and blues, vibrant blacks and sparkling whites. Flowers, bows and buttons galore. This kit will be a great adition to any scrappers stash.

Included in this kit are:

16 textured, patterned and solid papers,
1 birdcage,
2 black bows,
2 plaid bows,
2 curled ribbons,
2 frames,
1 glitter rain,
1 glitter swirl,
1 rope bow,
2 plaid ribbons,
2 ribbon wraps,
1 set of stitches,
2 tags,
1 staple,
1 brad,
1 photo corner,
1 clip,
7 flowers,
1 round plaid frame,
1 heart plaid frame,
1 plaid heart,
1 stitched heart,
1 felt heart,
1 antique broach.

And on't forget that THE KIT WITH NO NAME is on sale for 25% OFF! That's an awesome deal! Click HERE to be redirected to my store.

Click HERE to download todays freebie!

Monday, August 3, 2009


MERRY MONDAY MORNING! I hope that everyone had an awesome weekend! Mine was great. It's a long weekend here in Alberta so the Hubby is off today too. yay! On Saturday we went out to a town near us named Cochrane. It has a beautiful river that runs through it that we took the kids to see. There were lots of families there swimming and just lounging on the banks of the river. It was so nice. The kids had so much fun! Emma of course wanted to go swimming but she didn't have a suit. She wasn't very happy about that. LOL. So... on Sunday, we took the kids over to the Airdrie Splash Park. It was so hot so and the water was just the perfect temperature. They had a blast. I took a few pictures so check them out below.

I've been trying to get some good summer pics so I can scrap a few pages using my new summer wordart. I definately gotta use todays freebie for sure. Enjoy!

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