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Monday, September 28, 2009

AUTUMN HARVEST: New release and a Quick Page Freebie!

Happy Monday Morning! Hope that everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was awesome. I think that I have the best Hubby in the whole wide world! Emmett knew that I was upset and lost without my computer. I was using his work laptop but it just wasn't the same. So... on Saturday we went shopping and he bought me a new computer! I am sooo happy! It's an E-machine and I love it. It has a huge 21 inch flat screen monitor and a compact little CPU. It's so pretty. It's a real girly looking computer. LOL. It has tons of memory and a fast processor. I love it! He's going to take my old computer this week and see if the data can be recovered. If not, i'll have to get alot of new programs to replace the ones I lost. I really hope it can be recovered.

So... even though I lost so much in the computer crash of September 2009 (LOL) I didn't loose my new kits! Yay! That menas that I have a new kit to release in my store today. It's the 3rd and final installment of my Autum Series named AUTUMN HARVEST. I just love the bright
and vibrant colors of this kit.

Included in this kit:
10 solid, textured and patterned papers, 1 basket of lowers, 1 bird, 1 bow,
1 branches, 1 butterfly, 3 buttons, 6 clusters, 1 corn, 8 flowers, 1 cornacopia,
2 frames, 1 harvest basket, 2 twine, 2 tags, 2 hearts, 6 leaves, 1 photocorner,
1 punkin, 2 ribbon curls, 1 ribbon wrap, 1 scarecrow, and 1 staple.

Check out the preview below. Click HERE to be redirected to my Pretty Scrappy store to buy this kit. And don't forget, it's on sale for 25% OFF!
And of course i've created a beautiful set of Quick Pages too! They're on sale for 25% OFF too!
Check out these beautiful layouts by my awesome creative team. Great job as usual Ladies.

So... here is a little QP that I created using the new kit, AUTUMN HARVEST! I usually have these zipped up with a nice preview, a TOU and all my blinkies and stuff, but since my computer crashed, I can't do that yet. So... here it is without all the bells and whistles. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download todays Quick Page Freebie! And remember, if you snag my stuff, leave a little love in the comments section of this post!

You may also notice that my blog has a new background... well... it's from my new Blogwear set created with AUTUMN HARVEST. Unfortunately, when my computer crashed I lost most of the set. All that was left was the background. As soon as I get my Photoshop back, i'll finish the set.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Check out these blogs!

Good morning all! TGIF! I have been totally lost since my computer crashed! It's really silly but I never realised how much time I actually spent designing and scrapping, now that I can't do either. Usually in the morning, while the kids are having breakfast I check my email, update my blog, check out my favorite digi-scarp sites, and read a few of my favorite blogs. Once the kids are cleaned up from breakfast, they usually watch some cartoons on Playhouse Disney channel and I spend some time designing. Then throughout the day I do a little here and there. Especially when the kids are napping. I can't do that now and it's drving me crazy!!!

Seeing I have all this extra time, I have been checking out lots of blogs and I must say I have found some good ones. I thought it would be nice to let you know where some of these are. Each day next week i'll give you another site to visit. Make sure that if you snag any of the freebies on these sites, please say Thanks! A Scrap Away: I found this blog today and was amazed at the beautiful Quick Pages that she has created. They are beautiful and they're all freebies! Have a look at this blog and snag some awesome freebies too!

See you on Monday! Have a great weekend. And don't forget to stop by my store for the 50% OFF SALE! Sale ends at midnight on Sunday. This is a great time to stock up on my stuff! Click
HERE to be redirected to my store.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Happy Hump Day!!! Guess what..... Pretty Scrappy is having an up to 50 % OFF SALE this week! And... my entire store is on sale for 50% OFF too!

Here's what you can get for 50% OFF:

All wordart packs: $1.25
All kits: $2.00
All mini kits: $1.00
All brag book albums: $1.50
All quick page albums: $1.50
All bookmark sets: $1.00
And everything else in my store is 50% off too!

Click HERE to be re-directed to my store. Sale is in effect until midnight, Sunday, September 27th!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I just wanted to let you all know that i'm not going to be around for a while. Yesterday while transferring files to my new external hard-drive, my computer crashed! I've lost almost everything. I was able to successfully transfer alot of stuff but i've lost pics and videos of the kids. My heart is broken! My commercial use stash is gone, all of my wordart that I just created, all of my new software, my scrapbook layouts, a new kit I was working on... all gone. I'm going to take my computer to the repair shop next week and hopefully I can recover the lost data. If not, I'll have to start from scratch and start saving for a new computer. I feel so lost.

I'll try and keep you posted as to when i'll be back but until I can get a new computer, there will be no new freebies for a while. Sorry.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well it's another Monday morning! It's funny how we get one every week. LOL. But seriously, I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was quiet. Didn't do much. Didn't go anywhere. Just stayed home with the family and relaxed. Watched some movies, did a little cleaning and some cooking. Just simple stuff.

I finished up another kit too. This one is named PUNKIN PICKER and has a halloween/autumn type theme. Lots of black and orange. I think it's really cute. I also created a quick page album to correspond with the kit. You should be seeing it released in about 2 weeks or so. I will be releasing the last kit in my Autumn series on Friday. Be sure to check that out.

And don't forget that today and tomorrow is $2 Day at Pretty Scrappy!

So... onto todays wordart freebie. I'm going through my old emails trying to get as many requests as I can. I've got a few good ones for this week. This is a request from Tracey in Los Angeles. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download todays freebie. And remember, if you snag my stuff, leave a little love.

Friday, September 18, 2009

CHILDREN: Love made viable

TGIF!!! I just love Fridays! I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. I'll be back on Monday with some awesome new freebies for you all.

Here is todays wordart freebie! It is another request from Delores. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download todays freebie!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi All! Hope you're having a great morning thus far! Mine has been pretty quiet. The kids got up, ate breakfast and have started watching Finding Nemo. They love that movie and have probally seen it a dozen times now. As long as it keeps them quiet so I get get some computer time, that makes me happy.

I've been meaning to tell you about Emma and her "school". She is so sweet and smart for being not quite 3 1/2 yet. She understands the concept of going to school, taking her lunch and a backpack, and she knows that she'll learn her ABC's. She puts on her backpack and tells me that she's going to school. We kiss, hug, and say goodbye, then she hides in the front porch for a minute, then she comes running saying "I'm home from school Mom"! I ask her what she learned in school and she replys "ABC's". It's sooo sweet. So, I decided I would turn the dining room into a school room for her. I went to IKEA the other day and bought her a standing blackboard with a pack of chalk, some new crayons, paper, and erasable/washable markers. I set up the chalkboard and she took her place at the table. We then spent the next few hours playing school. She loved it!!! And it's so great too because she is actually learning her ABC's. Aiden gets a big kick out of the whole thing too but mostly he wants to make a mess. Boys! LOL.
We have recess and they get up and run around, then after some more ABC's, we have lunch. They're having a blast!

I decided that I wouldmake some flash cards that she could use to help her learn her letters. Here is a little preview of what i've created. They're on sale in my store now for 25% OFF too! Aren't they adorable. I've created them 2 inches wide by 3 inches high so they can be easily printed at home. And of course at 300 PPI for optimum print quality. So this brings us to yet again, another wordart freebie. This is a request from William. He said that he had seen this wordart on a layout that he just loved and wanted to use it for himself but didn't know who the original creator was. He sent me a copy of the layout and wanted me to make the wordart for him. This is my version. It is different enough from the original but similar in the composition. Hope you like it. And if anyone knows who created the original, please let me know. Thanks.
Click HERE to download todays freebie. And remember, if you snag my stuff, leave a little love! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MOMENTS: New wordart freebie!

I've been browsing through my hardrive trying to remove all my "junk" from it and try to get things organized in there when I came upon a cute little kit I created a while ago. I forgot all about it until I saw it yesterday hidden away. It was almost done so I made a few cute papers and pulled it all together. It's only a mini kit but it's got enough elements and papers that you're sure to be able to scrap quite a few good pages.

It's on sale in my Pretty Scrappy store right now for 25% OFF too! That's only $1.50! Great deal. Click HERE to be re-directed to my store.

Included in this kit:

5 solid, textured, and patterned papers,
1 apple,
1 apples and stars on a string,
1 set of blocks,
1 stacked books,
1 chalkboard,
1 pack of crayons,
1 set of crayons,
1 handheld bell,
1 heart,
1 pencil,
1 schoolhouse,
1 schoolboy bear,
1 schoolgirl bear,
1 teacher bear,
1 bow,
1 ribbon wrap,
1 frame.

So... that brings us to todays wordart freebie. This was a request from Kenedie. I hope you like it. Enjoy!
Click HERE to download todays freebie.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well... I'm felling better today! Yay for me! Yesterday wasn't so bad. I got good rest and spent some quality with the kidlets. When they went down for their naps, I finished up my new kit named AUTUMN HARVEST. It's the 3rd and final kit in my AUTUMN Series. And i've gotta say, it's beautiful! It's similar to Autumn Splendor in regards to the bright color palette, but it's soooo much richer and has more elements too. It is now my all time favorite of all the kits I've created! And of course, i've created a beautiful QP Album to correspond with the kit. I'll probally be releasing it next week.

While you've still got the chance, this would be a good time to get AUTUMN SPLENDOR for 25% OFF. The discounted price will expire in a few days. And don't forget the coordinating QP Album too. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, check out the previews.

So that brings us to todays wordart freebie. This was either the very first or the 2nd quote I used as a wordart that I ever created. The first version was very crude and sloppy but it still managed to get over 800 downloads. Not bad for a begginer, hey? I really like the new version better. What do you think?

Here is the new and improved version. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download todays freebie! And remember, if you snag my stuff, leave a little love.

Monday, September 14, 2009

AMAZING JOURNEY plus awesome CT layouts.

Hi All! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine sucked! I was sick most of the weekend. I had planned on taking the kids to the park to have some pictures taken but I was just to sick and tired to leave the house. Saturday I spent most of the day confined to the couch and Sunday, I could barely sit up in the chair. I'm feeling much better today though, thankfully. I got some good rest last night so thats a plus! I just hope that today I can eat something good to settle my tummy.

I am so excited about my new kit AUTUMN SPLENDOR!!! I just love the amazing colors of Autumn. Here are some layouts created by my awesome CT Girls! Enjoy!

So... here is todays wordart freebie! I haven't used a theme this week so you'll be getting a mix of a few new ones. Enjoy! Click HERE to download todays freebie.

Friday, September 11, 2009

NEW RELEASES and a new wordart freebie!

Hi All, TGIF! Gotta love Fridays! Be prepared that this post is going to be a LONG one! I have several new releases in my Pretty Scrappy store today. We'll start off with my new kit AUTUMN SPLENDOR. This is the second kit in my Autumn Series. AUTUMN SPLENDOR is packed full of the bright colors of Fall. The ravishing reds, the yummy yellows, the omnipitant oranges. This kit is just perfect for scrapping all of your autumn themed layouts. When combined with my other kit AUTUM GLORY, you can mix and match to create one of a kind layouts.

Included in this kit:
10 solid, textured, and patterned papers,
2 butterflies,
2 dried fruits,
4 leaves,
2 leaf sprigs,
1 ribbon,
3 strings,
2 tags,
1 bird,
4 flowers,
1 cluster frame,
2 heart dangles,
1 stacked box set,
1 star dangle,
2 buttons,
2 clipped flowers,
1 clock.
1 date wheel,
1 photo corner,
1 ribbon wrap,
2 staples,
1 set of stitches.

Here is the preview. It's on sale right now for 25% OFF. Click HERE to go to my store.

Of course I just had to create a Quick Page Album to correspond with the kit. I think this is the best set i've made yet. I just love the layered look of the leaves and the flowers. I hope you like it to. It's on sale now for 25% OFF in my store.

I decided to use the QP's to make some pages using last years fall pics of my family. I gotta get more done this year as soon as the leaves turn colors. Here are the Quick Pages using my wordart.

And today I'm also releasing 6 new wordart packs! They're all on sale for 25% OFF this week too. One of my favorite packs has to be AUTUMN. It's a perfect match for my AUTUMN SPLENDOR kit. You'll also see that I used it on my layouts. AWESOME!
So... after all of that, here is todays wordart freebie. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download todays freebie. And remember, if you snag my stuff, leave a little love. Thanks!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well... today was off to an early start... 5 AM!!! Emma has been sleeping in my room since she got sick because I have the ensuite bathroom and it was just easier for her getting there then having to run down the hall whenever she had to go. So, for the last 4 nights she has been sleeping with her Daddy in my bed and i've been sleeping with the cat in her bed. Well, this morning her Daddy had to go back to work so I went out at 5AM and got into bed with her. She wouldn't go back to sleep so by 5:30 we were downstairs having toast and milk. It was the first thing she really ate in 4 days. She was so hungry. I wanted to get her to go back to bed but then Aiden woke up at 6 and wouldn't go back to sleep. So... here I am, tired and cranky but happy because my girl is on the mend. Yay Emma! I'm waiting for a hot cup of tea and some toast for myself right now and then I guess i'll start cleaning the bathrooms. YUCK!!! I usually don't clean the bathrooms becuse the Hubby says that a woman shouldn't have to put her hands in the toilet. But, they are in desperate need of a cleaning after them being sick. LOL.

I had told you about how I "lost" some of my wordart files while transferring them to my new hard-drive... well, I lost a few more than I originally thought. I had 10 back to school wordart for you all but when I checked my drive, they were gone too. Bummer. This is the only one I could find and it isn't a real good one either. I have been going through some requests from my readers so i'll have a few of those for you next week. I also have a few new wordart packs to go in my store next week. I have an adorable Autumn themed pack that will match perfectly with my new Autumn themed kits. I'll also be releasing my newest kit AUTUMN SPLENDOR on Monday. It's one of my favorite!!! I'm sure you'll love it.

Anyhoo, here is your wordart freebie for today!

Click HERE to download todays freebie wordart. ( Link has been fixed).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


WOW! What a rough couple of days! Emma has been so sick and still is. The poor little thing has had a fever for 2 days, vomiting up everything she eats, which hasn't been much and she is so tired. She has slept about 20 hours a day since she got sick. Then yesterday morning, the Hubby had to come home from work at 10AM because he was sick too. Aiden has a slight head cold. He hasn't gotten really sick yet. Cross your fingers that he doesn't! And well, then there's me... i've been the Doctor for 3 days. I'm tired and very cranky but not sick yet other than the head cold too. I don't want to get sick. If you're a Mom like me you know as well as I know, MOMS AREN'T ALLOWED TO GET SICK!!! If Mom gets sick, the world will abrupty come to an end! The earth will split open and swallow us all! It's true and you all know it! LOL. But seriously... it really complicates things if I were to get sick. The Hubby can't stay home from work to take care of me so I would have to muddle through it like the superhero I am! Yay Mom!

Anyhoo... enough of that! Here is a Quick Page that I created from my kit AUTUMN GLORY. I hope you like it.

Click HERE to download todays Quick Page Freebie! And don't forget, if you snag my stuff, leave a little Thanks too!

Monday, September 7, 2009

No freebie today

Hi All, just wanted to let you know that there will be no freebie today. My kids are sick and we haven't slept last night. I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with another QP from my kit AUTUMN GLORY and maybe even a wordart too!

Friday, September 4, 2009


TGIF! I just love Fridays. I especially love it when it's the start of a long weekend. Yay for Labor Day! And to help celebrate, Pretty Scrappy is having a storewide 30% off sale. Yay! Thhis would be a great time to snag my new kit AUTUMN GLORY for 30% off! ***Discount will be reflected at time of checkout*** I have a special treat for you all today. It's a freebie Quick Page that was created by one of my awesome CT girls, Widie, using my new kit AUTUMN GLORY! Yay Widie. I just love the way that she puts a layout together. You can check out more of her work at the Pretty Scrappy Gallery. Thanks Widie for this awesome Quick Page!

Click HERE to download todays freebie QUICK PAGE! And remember, if you like Widie's work, don't forget to leave her a little Thanks!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I had a busy day yesterday. I didn't go anywhere, I just stayed home with the kids and played with them. Then after they had their naps, I did some cleaning. I used my new H2O on the floor. Gosh, is that thing ever good! I've cleaned the floor twice with it now and in between I used a real mop. You wouldn't believe the dirt that's still coming off the floor. It's amazing how it gets the deep down dirt on a new floor. Scary!

I'm working on a new kit for next week, the 2nd in the Autum Series. It's beautiful! I'm in the process of making some amazing QP's too. I can't wait for you to see this kit! IT's AWESOME! Don't forget that my new kit AUTUMN GLORY is on sale at Pretty Scrappy for 25% OFF this week. I'm adding a set of QP's to the store as I type this post. Check them out too. On sale for 25% OFF too!
Here is the preview of the Quick Page Album. I really like this one too. It's got a very elegant feel to it.
Here are some layouts I created using the QP Album and my wordart. Enjoy!

Well... I hope that you enjoyed yesterdays Back To School freebie. Today is all about Homework. Enjoy.
Click HERE to download todays freebie!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hi All, Hope you're having an awesome day! Yesterday when the Hubby got home from work, we went out and picked up the rest of my groceries. I had forgotten a few things last week so I stocked up on what I missed. Then the Hubby decided that we would go to Walmart and get part of my birthday present (My birthday is on September 8th). He bought me a new 1TB External Hard-drive! Yay! So I was sooo busy last night transferring all of my digi-files onto my new hard-drive. My memory on the computer was beyond reaching a functioning capacity and was constantly crashing last week. I hope that this helps. The kids were hungry so we ended up having McDonalds for supper. Nuggets for the kids and McChicken for me. The hubby had a Quarter Pounder. It was good!

I know that I said that I would have some more Grandparent themed wordart but when transferring some of my wordart files to my new harddrive, I deleted them by mistake. Ooops! I'll tey and remake them this weekend and hopefully have them for you later. Here is the first in the Back To School Series. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download todays freebie! And remember, if you snag my stuff, leave a little love!

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