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Monday, December 15, 2008

BLOG ON VACATION!!! Christmas Contest!

Hi Everyone, I am writing this note for you all today to let you know that my Blog will be on Vacation until January 2nd, 2009. I am moving into the new house and will not have internet until after the holidays. I hope that everyone will have a very safe and happy holiday season! I will not have freebies for you throughout this time but will have lots of great ones in the new year! Don't forget to go to Pretty Scrappy and register in the forum so you can take part in my PLAY WITH WORDS challenge. I have a beautiful wordart for you to use in the challenge.

I feel kinda bad that I won't have any Christmas goodies for you all sooooo...... I have created a new kit called CHRISTMAS IS COMING! If you want to get this great kit for FREE,
all you have to do is post a comment telling me what your favorite Christmas Memory or Tradition is. When I return on January 2nd, I will randomly choose 1 person to get CHRISTMAS IS COMING for free! This kit will be perfect for scrapping all of those holiday layouts!

Here is a preview of the kit!

I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season! Merry Christmas!


Crystal Howser said...

My 2 Faves are that we read a Christmas Story on Christmas Eve every year and when we put our decorations on our Christmas tree we tell all the stories behind each one and where we got it from and why etc. Good Luck with the Move and we will look forward to seeing you in the New Year!
Happy Holidays!

Krissy said...

What a beautiful kit!!!

I wanted to stop by to thank you for your generous offer of sponsoring for the month of Feb. You totally ROCK! Thank you!!

Jamie said...

Every year for Christmas morning, we get up and open our presents just like everyone else. The special part is the breakfast we have after that. We have sometiong called Aebleskivers. They are little round pancakes that we dip in flavored syrups, powdered sugar or jams. They are soooo good and we only get to have them on Christmas morning.

Photomama said...

My favorite memory was when I was about 8. I had decided that dad was Santa and I was ok with that UNTIL.... On Christmas Eve Santa came to our house and daddy was in the kitchen and I could see daddy and I could see Santa - Daddy was NOT Santa.The magic was revived for several more years.
I love Santa - and I love Christmas.
ps. Years later - I found out Santa was my Uncle visiting from Miami, FL - We were in East TN - What a great Christmas present.

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Favorite tradition is Christmas Eve Mass followed by a special dinner, hanging of stockings, new jammies, and a special ornament for each child representing something significant about the previous year.

Love the kit!
sorzy (at) wideopenwest (dot) com

digisuzie said...

My favorite is Christmas Eve candlelight services at our hometown church, followed by a supper of lasagna, and opening the gifts with my family and watching the eyes of the little ones.

Happy Holidays to you and yours - and thanks for all the goodies you've given us this month. Good luck with your move.

Gina said...

Our Christmas tradition starts on Christmas eve when my Mom and I make the Special and tradition menu for the whole family, we spend the day before cooking everything and then Christmas eve we have dinner around 9 pm, then when it's about 30 mins before midnight we take the little ones in the family outside with sparklers to call Santa while inside the other grownups put all the gifts under the tree. Then when they come in they realize Santa has been inside and left unseen. Their faces are priceless. Then Christmas Morning we get together at our house for breakfast and to open a few more gifts given by each other.
Now I want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and the best for 2009 and thanks for your generosity with all that you share

Rose said...

My favorite memory was Christmas at my Grandma's, we always opened presents at midnight on Christmas eve, and that wait til midnight almost killed us! We had to occupy ourselves, and so we would do little skits and play with our cousins, and my aunts and uncles would get tipsy and there was always lots of snacks...and we would go skidooing in the fields on the farm, and then once we opened presents, all us kids would camp out on the floor and my uncle would wake us up Christmas morning. And now, I'm hoping my own kids will have as many awesome Christmas memories as I do! Your kit is lovely by the way, hope your holidays are terrific!

kicksmom said...

We open gifts shortly after midnight on Christmas Eve and everyone stays up playing and just being a family. We sleep a little then up and have a big breakfast.

Jody said...

My favorite memory was one Christmas over 60 years ago when my brothers and I looked over the bannister from upstairs and watched while our Mom and Dad trooped in the presents from "Santa" to put under the tree. We had a hard time being quiet it was so funny. Needless to say it was hard to go to sleep knowing what was waiting for us!

Amanda said...

My favorite part has got to be the Magic that comes with the holiday season. I remember all of the amazing happenings in being the receiver of Magic and now that I am a mother and am the one giving it, I marvel at the power and blessings it brings!

Crabcakes - a former Google Answers Researcher said...

Oooh, there are so many memories. One of my favorite is the smell of midnight Mass. The greenery and the incense just make a heavenly aroma. Something that was not funny then, but is now, was a Christmas when I was pregnant. I had asked my mom for some nursing bras, and she complied. My father, always a huge joker, draped them around the tree as if they were garland. Everyone had a good laugh, but I was ambarrassed. (I would actually DO such a thing myself now! LOL)
Have a relaxed and blessed time off, and know we appreciate your gifts! Warm regards, Crabcakes

Mags said...

Ooooh.... this kit is adorable! Pick me! Pick me! ;)
My favorite Christmas tradition is my family's fondue dinner. We do beef, shrimp, and veggies in oil, French bread in cheese, and a chocolate fondue that will bring you to your knees... I'm willing to trade recipes for scrap kits.... *wink*
Good luck on your move - this is my first time to your blog, and it is beautiful!
:) Mags

Carla R said...

We have so many traditions that we do every year but I'd have to say that my favourite is that everyone gets new pajamas on Christmas Eve and for the last few years my kids and their cousins have gotten matching ones. It's very cute to see them all, ages 5 to 1 in identical jammies!!

helena said...

My Favews on Christmas was playing family games on christmas eve with our big family. and then my brothers would pretend that santa was on the roof with bells running across the roof of our house and it would get us all to bed.

Thanks for all your aonderufl kits

jahree said...

My favorite memory was Candle Light Communion at our church. It was beautiful and we used real candles and started in the dark and the church grew more beautiful as we lit our neighbors candle. I miss it so!!! Thanks for your generous offer

cjpeterson38 said...

We had ridden on a bus overnight to get from New Mexico to Texas so we could spend Christmas with family.
We weren't expecting much for Christmas because of the expense of traveling. My sister was 6 and I was 8.
We were invited to a Christmas party at a little one room school by our aunt who was the teacher. When Santa came to give out bags of candy and fruit, we were so surprised he knew we were there also. When he called our names, you couldn't have seen two happier little girls. Guess our aunt must have told him we were coming.

Dani B said...

My favorite memory is wrapping my own gifts as a kid. My mom used to work a lot so I always helped wrap gifts. When I was a young teen, my mom bought me a lot of clothes for Christmas. She'd put them in the boxes and tape them. Then she'd hand them to me to wrap. It was a lot of fun and a good memory of Christmas.

Jana said...

My favorite tradition is one that my husband and I made for our girls. Together we made an advent calendar when we were expecting our first daughter. I quilted a tree and he painted some tiny ceramic ornaments. It is wonderful to watch our girls alternate putting an ornament on the tree every year.

Crystal said...

AND THE WINNER IS: Jamie!!! Congrats Jamie on winning CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Send me an email with your addy so I can give you the links for the kit.

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