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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

STEPPING STONES with Inspired Mommie Designs

Good Morning all. Hope you all got a good nights sleep last night. I kinda did. Aiden slept until 3:00 and was then up every 15 minutes until about 6 AM. When I finally got him settled down, Emma woke up so I went and got in bed with her and we slept until 8:15 am! She was so cozy and cuddly in the bed that she put me right to sleep. LOL. Aiden slept until almost 8:30 when Emma finally decided that she was going to wake him up because his "belly was hungry". Kids say the sweetest things!

Guess what... I'm going back to school! Well... not back to school, i'm going to be doing some online and correspondence courses to complete my Banking and Finance degree. My Hubby and I decided that while the kids are young, I would stay home from working to care for them until they get in school. During this time, we figiured it would be a great opportunity for me to finish my degree. Up until now, things have been so busy and time management has been almost impossible but now, with the kids being older and able to play with each other, it gives me a little extra time that I can get back to my studies. I received my first set of lessons last week and i'm planning on starting them on Monday. I have put aside an hour each day when the kids are napping as well as an hour in the evening to concentrate on my studies. I am so excited and can't wait to get cracking! Wish me luck! LOL.
I also have some new kits in the works right now. Over the next few weeks, I plan on releasing at least 6 new kits and several new wordart packs. I am also working on a few little special accessories that I won't get into right now, but i'll be sure to give you a sneak peak a little later. LOL. Gotta keep you guessing, right?

It's time for STEPPING STONES at the Pretty Scrappy Blog again! I really love the way that this wordart turned out. I think it has a very elegant touch to it. The possibilities to create layouts using this wordart are endless. I'm gonna use it on a baby layout that i'm creating for my cousin. She just had the most adorable little baby girl a few weeks ago, Ella. So... here is a preview of this weeks STEPPING STONE.

Click HERE to be redirected to the Pretty Scrappy blog so you can grab this elegant wordart.

As I mentioned above, my cousin Melanie had a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago named Ella. As my gift to her, I created her birth announcements using my SWEET BABY OF MINE birth announcements. Here is what I created for her.

Isn't she adorable! Hey, if you want to create your own custom birth announcements like these, my SWEET BABY OF MINE: BABY GIRL BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS are still on sale at Pretty Scrappy for only $1. In fact, I think i'm going to keep my store on sale until the end of the month. Yeah... everything is on sale at my store for $1 each (not including combo packs).Click HERE to be redirected to my store at Pretty Scrappy.

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