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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sugar and Spice

I'm running a little late getting my post out today! Yesterday, Aiden climbed out of his crib!!! He is only 14 months old but he climbs like a monkey. So... last night we had to take apart his crib and put a toddler bed in his bedroom. Can you believe it, A TODDLER BED!!! He's still such a little baby though. I'm so sad. I remember when we put Emma in the toddler bed. I was so happy and excited because it meant that she was growing up, now i'm so sad because it means that he's growing up. Make sense?

Any of us that create and design "stuff" for digi-scrapping all know that sometimes we hit a creative wall. No matter what we do, our designs just don't turn out like we wanted or we run out of ideas. Well it happened to me. I have been the past few days trying to get out of this creative rutt that i'm in, then it occured to me. Why not seek inspiration from the very subject. I started browsing the many layout galleries out there and found so much INSPIRATION I don't know what to do with it all. LOL. I have seen so many beautiful layouts, wordarts, and embellishments. It finally got my creative juices flowing again. YAYYYY! So, you should start to see lots of new wordart from me now and if any of it looks familiar, some are my version of what I have found in the many galleries online. So... onto todays freebie. I have also created a little layout to go with this one. Enjoy.

To download file, click link below.
To create this layout, I used the kit Fuzzy Doodle Blooms by Melany Violette (at Simply Clean Digi Scraps). And of course, wordart is my own.


Lil said...

Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I love your wordart - I've always thought word art is what makes a page so personalized.

Thanks ...

Sherry said...

love your wordart!

Anonymous said...

Love the wordart, and especially the font you used in this one. Which one is it?

Crystal said...

I used the font Liorah BT for the handwriting, and Spharty Girl for Sugar and Spice.

Anonymous said...

Thank You ! Its a wonderfull WA

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